Buckert Family comes from the Anglo-Saxon baptismal name "Buchard", a variant of South German Burkert. In early Anglo-Saxon times, the English language had no system of spelling rules.

Spelling variations had been commonly found at that time and one of the variations of the name has been even recorded was "Buckert". And so many others including Bockett, Bocket, Bocard, Bocardi, Bochard, Bockard, Bokett, Bucard, Bucket and so on.

These were first found in Lincolnshire, and Buckert was found where they held a family seat from ancient times. Historical records revealed some of the members of the Buckert family emigrate to North America to escape oppression and starvation at that times.

Such families that came from England went to nations of Canada and United States to seek opportunities are John Dedrick Buckert, who arrived in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania in 1974 and Johann Buckert, who landed in Manitoba in 1876.